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Chair Yoga  for Everyone

3 Tips to Deepen Your Yoga Practice (by Yoga Journal)

1.  GIVE IT TEN.  Just in 10 minutes a day on your mat or meditation cushion delivers exponential mind and body benefits.  You deserve this time, and you'll be surprised how often you're able to find more time for it.

2.  KEEP TRYING.  No one ever claimed that yoga was easy but often it's difficult stuff that's most worth doing.  So keep trying hard until the trying falls away.  Soon you won't need a block to reach the floor in Triangle Post.

3.  LET IT GO.  All those conscious thoughts around your to-do list of the day, deadlines and everything else you could be doing instead of practicing can get in the way of being fully present and carried away by your yoga.  Quell what experts call "conscious striving," and you'll clear the path to relax into the mental state you seek

Certified Yoga Teacher, Angela Quinlan, will lead you in a series of simple improvements to strengthen and stretch your whole body while seated in a chair.  Regardless of your age, Chair Yoga provides the same benefits of a traditional yoga practice with the support of your chair.  If you are concerned with getting down on the floor, have challenges with balance or if you have suffered injuries, have chronic knee pain or other chronic conditions, then this is the class for you.  This practice will increase strength, flexibility, range of motion and will reduce stress.